Ab Initio

ab in·i·ti·o: from the beginning (Latin)

Dispatches and updates from the Fulbright University Vietnam initiative

FUV’s Campus Master Plan is Unveiled

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - During the last week of September, a team from SHoP traveled to Vietnam to present the FUV campus master plan to the Ho Chi Minh City authorities. The master plan is the fruit of seven months of intensive research, strategic discussions,...

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FUV is awarded $15.5M in federal funds

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - As the first American-style university in Vietnam committed to academic independence, open inquiry, research, and critical analysis, embedded in Vietnamese society, FUV represents an exciting venture in the continuing line of higher...

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FUV Announces Board Expansion

Ab Initio is thrilled to share the news that Fulbright University Vietnam has added two additional members to its Board of Trustees. Here’s the official announcement: Kim Bottomly, Edward Miller Join the Fulbright University Vietnam Board of Trustees Ho Chi Minh City,...

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