Fulbright University Vietnam is a brand-new venture, but its “back story” can be traced back to the reestablishment of academic exchange between the US and Vietnam in the early 1990s. The broad outlines of this story are told elsewhere on this site.

The origins of our effort to create a new Vietnamese university might be traced back to a sunny May day in Cambridge, MA in 2005, when staff from the Harvard Vietnam Program and faculty from the Fulbright Economics Teaching Program met Professor Henry Rosovsky. Professor Rosovsky is a towering figure in the history of Harvard, and an influential voice in American higher education. In the late 1990s, he led a blue-ribbon commission—the Task Force on Higher Education and Society—that examined the challenges facing developing countries in higher education. Although Vietnam was not a case study in their excellent final report, the Task Force’s analysis resonated powerfully with those of us who were familiar with Vietnam’s challenges. The Task Force’s emphasis on governance as a crucial determiner of outcomes, as well as its argument for the value of general education, were especially important.

Professor Rosovsky and FUV president Dam Bich Thuy, Cambridge 2015. Professor Rosovsky remains a trusted advisor, mentor and friend to the Fulbright University Vietnam initiative. He continues to help shape our vision for FUV. We are profoundly grateful for his contributions.

Professor Rosovsky and FUV president Dam Bich Thuy, Cambridge 2015.