TUIV is convening a team composed of FUV personnel and innovate thinkers in education to develop the university’s undergraduate program in engineering and the liberal arts and sciences. This effort is being led by Dinh Vu Trang Ngan and Mark Somerville. As a part of their design process, the team is asking proactive questions like, what happens if we discard conventions of traditional academic models like tenure, and departmental siloes, and re-imagine what it means to be a student and faculty member?

The team has been speaking Vietnamese students from high schools across Vietnam to better understand what they aspire to in a university experience.

We’re also engaging with young scholars and scientists—the pool from which we will recruit our faculty—to explore their what matters most to them, as teachers and researchers and as members of an academic community.

This is an iterative process, and we’re just getting started. Every step of the way we’re questioning our assumptions about what FUV will be. As one recent exercise, we attempted a provocative restatement of FUV’s aspirations:

NOT JUST ELITES, BUT ALL OF VIETNAM: FUV aspires to be accessible to and attended by Vietnamese students from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.

NOT JUST ANOTHER UNIVERSITY, BUT A UNIVERSITY THAT WILL DRIVE POSITIVE CHANGE VIETNAM: FUV hopes to developing students in ways that enable them to lead and to address the needs Vietnamese society in the future.  FUV also hopes to drive broader change in higher education across Vietnam.

NOT AN EXERCISE IN IMITATION, BUT IN INNOVATION: FUV will not simply reproduce things that have been done before, but rather will leverage opportunities to shorten (eg leapfrog) the path to excellence through the creative use of technology and human capital.